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Price: $14.95/12 oz.
Muiri Organic

Herbal notes in the fragrance, with expression of citrus notes when wet.  Sweet and savory flavors of honey and sage...


Recent Arrivals

Price: $14.95/12 oz.
Ulos Batak

Licorice, cranberry, and vanilla; banana bread aroma. Red berries and subtle grapefruit bitterness in flavor....


Recent Arrivals

Price: $14.95/12 oz.

Floral and citrus notes with melon in the fragrance are met by dried fruit and honey...


Recent Arrivals

Price: $16.95/12 oz.
Tana Toraja Peaberry

Rich and complex, honeydew, toffee, orange citrus, and aprocot jam...


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Top Rated Coffees

Price: $14.95/12 oz.
Suke Quto Organic

Intricate, exhilarating; crisp yet juicy. Honey, roasted cacao nib, tangerine, sandalwood...

95 Points

Top Rated Coffees

Price: $14.95/12 oz.
SO Espresso
Costa Rica Finca Chayote

Sweet, pungent but balanced. Buttery dark chocolate, candied blood orange, apricot...

93 Points

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Peru Cajamarca

Sweet, graceful, gently pungent. Walnut, peach, carob, mint in aroma and cup...

Espresso Nuevo

Crisp, rich, fudgy. Dark chocolate, butter, fresh-cut cedar, apricot/plum, lavender...