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Sumatra Danau Toba


Product Description

Sumatra Danau Toba is sweet, heavy, and syrupy. Pipe tobacco and green pepper dance on the palate with wisps of lime, blackberry, banana, and butterscotch. An earthiness resonates through the coffee, lending to its dominant presence in both aroma and taste.


medallion-2009-94pts.jpg"Sweetly pungent fruit and fresh earth notes throughout the profile. Crisp and grapefruit-like in the aroma, in the cup rich with moist, just decaying fallen leaves and deeper fruit notes; tart cherry perhaps. Leanish but silky mouthfeel. Very sweet, almost sugary in the flavor-saturated finish."

94 points on CoffeeReview.com, November 2009

94 points on CoffeeReview.com, November 2008

96 points on CoffeeReview.com, February 2008

Background Info

Danau Toba is a massive lake (the largest volcanic lake in the world) located in northern Sumatra that is popular with tourists because of its spectacular natural beauty. The volcano that used to be here violently exploded 70,000 years ago in what is thought to be the largest volcanic eruption of the past 25 million years.

When we think of a delicious Sumatra coffee, words like “heavy,” “complex,” and “rich” come to mind. There is often an earthiness inherent in the coffee that is the result of the fresh-picked coffee being dried directly on the ground. The producers in Sumatra are often small land-owners with limited resources who have developed unique processing methods over the years, and this lends itself to creating a very interesting, very recognizable cup profile. There is, however, inconsistency between crops. Defects are prevalent, often yielding pungent flavor taints reminiscent of old leather or wet books.

Sumatra - Danau Toba is a creation born to honor the strength and complexity of a great Sumatran while producing a consistently defect-free cup.

It is a coffee that represents the island well with a heavy body, low acidity, and deep, earthy flavors. It is extremely well processed and sorted to a degree far surpassing all other coffees of the region.


  • 100% Sumatra Lake Tawar

Other Details

Lintong & Mandeling Regions, Sumatra
Ateng, Djember, TimTim
3000 - 4500 feet
Herbal, Fruity