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Our Guarantee

Fresh Roasted Coffee Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that your coffee will not be roasted until after we receive your order.

If you are dissatisfied with your coffee, please contact us within 14 days of your purchase.  If you are satisfied with your product, please tell your friends and family. 

We will refund or replace all coffee found to be atypical of Paradise Roasters' quality standards. This includes damaged product, lost product, or product not roasted to specification on the label. 

Should the coffee be not to your tastes, let us know, and we will help direct you to a better selection. We do not offer refunds or replacements if the issue is a matter of personal taste preference. 

While we stand behind our products 100%, we cannot accept returns on pre-ground or whole bean coffee or used, non-defective coffee equipment.

We treat all customer disputes on a case by case basis and reserve the right to refuse refunds or replacements at any time. We are also very understanding, trustworthy and generous people that ultimately want you to enjoy our coffee and come back for more!