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Our Story

Paradise Roasters Image of Ripe Coffee Cherries on the VineParadise Coffee Roasters began business in 2002 when R. Miguel Meza opened a small micro-roaster in Ramsey, MN with the help of his parents. Setting out on a goal to provide unique and high quality coffee, Miguel quickly built a reputation for Paradise by sourcing coffee that consistently scored 90+ points on CoffeeReview.com. He also developed relationships with farmers specializing in Hawaiian- grown coffee, bringing in the best of the best from popular origins like Kona and Maui. Over time, Miguel transformed Paradise into a true contender mentioned along with some of the biggest names in specialty coffee.

While the faces at Paradise have changed over time, the passion for unique and quality coffee has stayed true. We have earned more 94+ ratings from CoffeeReivew.com than any other roaster, including one of only three 95+ point Espressos. Miguel still works with Paradise to source exceptional Hawaiian coffee as well as other origins, and while we still specialize in top-rated micro-lot coffees from the Big Island, we also produce consistently high-scoring espressos and single origins. We carefully craft-roast each coffee to order and stamp the roast date on each bag to ensure freshness.

Paradise Roasters strives not only to provide customers with the world’s finest tasting coffees, we also support farming communities and promote environmentally sound practices by purchasing socially and environmentally responsible coffee. As much as possible, we purchase certified organic, direct or Fair Trade, and other sustainable coffees to help ensure everyone involved with producing this great coffee also shares in the benefits.