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Natalie Schultz

Natalie Schultz, General Manager

Natalie "Mama Cata" Schultz, General Manager

Natalie vividly remembers her first sip of coffee at a ripe age of 7 while sitting on her Grandma's lap at a family cabin in northern Minnesota. She also remembers promptly spitting it out. But as she matured, so did her palate for the finer things and coffee quickly became her favorite beverage.

Fresh out of college (Go Badgers!) in a poor economy, she began working at coffee shops in Minneapolis, MN, but her defining moment of coffee awakening came about in 2010 when she moved to Mazatlan, Mexico for a two month stint as a shop supervisor and coffee roaster at a local café. After much soul searching over fresh roasted batches of Mexico Chiapas and failed attempts at surfing, Natalie decided to follow her passion and pursue a career in the coffee industry.

Natalie started at Paradise Coffee Roasters as a customer service rep in January of 2011. After a year at this position, a few changes in staff triggered an opportunity for a swift promotion to General Manger. Challenge accepted.

When she's not ruling Paradise with an iron fist, the fearless leader spends her time strumming on guitars, cooking, swimming and quoting “The Simpsons.” Unless it’s football season, in which case she does nothing but raucously cheer on her Green Bay Packers.