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Featured Coffees

Our coffees have earned more exceptional 94+ ratings from Coffee Review than any other roaster. Below is a selection of featured coffees from our roastmaster.

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  • 93 Points on CoffeeReview.com; Colombia Huila Million Pesos
    $19.95 Grand Reserve: Colombia Huila "Million Pesos" Natural
    Exhilirating fragrance and aroma with peach, fresh maple syrup and fig. Bursting with fruit in the cup; raspberry jam, strawberry, grapefruit. Juicy acidity and creamy body, like that of a good brandy. Flavors keep...
  • 95 Points on CoffeeReview.com; Espresso Nuevo by Paradise Roasters
    $12.95 Espresso Nuevo
    Boasts a sweet aroma of brown sugar and aromatic wood. Full-bodied and smooth with a mild, pleasing acidity. Complex notes of sweet spices, Maraschino cherries, lemon zest, and vanilla carry from cup to its lingering, smoky...
  • Coffee Review 93 Points
    $15.95 El Salvador Las Delicias Bourbon Natural
    Sweet and ripe grape flavors, similar to fine red wine. Complex and fruit forward in aroma and cup, lively juicy acidity and thick body.  Accolades: "Crisp, aromatic, whisky-toned. Raspberry and blueberry,...
  • Coffee Review 92 Points
    $15.95 Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Harfusa FTO
    Tasting Notes Strong qualities of lemon, green tea, and deep berry fruit notes in aroma. Wildly unique in the cup, strawberry lemonade, peach, tea like. Light body, juicy and bright acidity.  Accolades: "Sweet,...
  • Coffee Review 92 Points
    $15.95 Sulawesi Tana Toraja Peaberry
    Tasting Notes Rich and complex aromas of cocoa, spice, maple and herbs. The cup delivers honeydew melon, toffee, apricot jam and a milky caramel. Luscious body and soft acidity balance well, followed by a lingering and warm...
  • Coffee Review 91 Points
    $9.95 Blue Sky Breakfast Blend
    Tasting Notes: A Classic Breakfast Blend with a twist. Nutty and strong fragrance, with licorice nd cocoa. Straight forward flavors of florals and dark chocolate, with some cherry. Well balanced and easy to drink...
  • Paradise Roasters Logo
    $12.95 S. O. Espresso Brazil Fazenda Rainha
    Toffee, concord grape, cherry, orange citrus. Slight floral quality, rich and creamy mouthfeel, juicy acidity. Finish consolidates to cedar and bakers chocolate. A fine straight shot.  Background Info At long last...

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