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Featured Coffees

Our coffees have earned more exceptional 94+ ratings from Coffee Review than any other roaster. Below is a selection of featured coffees from our roastmaster.

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  • Espresso Nuevo
    $12.95 Espresso Nuevo
    Boasts a sweet aroma of brown sugar and aromatic wood. Full-bodied and smooth with a mild, pleasing acidity. Complex notes of sweet spices, Maraschino cherries, lemon zest, and vanilla carry from cup to its lingering finish...
  • Ethiopia Suke Quto Organic
    $14.95 Ethiopia Suke Quto Organic
    Tasting Notes  Florals such as orange blossom and coffee flower dominate the fragrance and are complemented by lime and spicy fruit.  Gold raisin and cranberry flavors with very subtle black pepper notes, and a...
  • Peru Cajamarca
    $13.95 Peru Cajamarca
    Tasting Notes  Floral and citrus notes with melon in the fragrance are met by dried fruit and honey flavors and a candied cinnamon aftertaste. The coffee cools considerably sweeter presenting rich chocolaty notes...
  • Sulawesi Tana Toraja Peaberry
    $16.95 Sulawesi Tana Toraja Peaberry
    Tasting Notes Rich and complex aromas of cocoa, spice, maple and herbs. The cup delivers honeydew melon, toffee, apricot jam and a milky caramel. Luscious body and soft acidity balance well, followed by a lingering and warm...
  • Coffee Review 91 Points
    $9.95 Blue Sky Breakfast Blend
    Tasting Notes: A Classic Breakfast Blend with a twist. Nutty and strong fragrance, with licorice and cocoa. Straight forward flavors of florals and dark chocolate, with some cherry. Well balanced and easy to drink...
  • Overlooking the valley.
    $14.95 SO Espresso Costa Rica Finca Chayote
    Tasting Notes:  Dense flavors of blackberry, honey, and a wisp of tropical fruits and cocoa.  Tangy acidity and full body. Accolades "Sweet, pungent but balanced. Buttery dark chocolate, candied blood orange,...

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