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Charlie Blasky

Charlie Blasky Bio Picture

Charlie “The Broastmaster” Blasky, Roaster

Charlie was drawn to coffee at an early age. As a youngster, Charlie frequented the coffee shop at which his sister worked, and was subjected to many caffeinated concoctions which laid the framework for his career in coffee.

In his late teens, Charlie began his coffee career at a small shop near the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee campus. After the shop closed, Charlie took a job outside of the coffee world, but continued to expand his knowledge in the field through independent research and constant consumption of coffee.

A few years passed, and Charlie decided to make a return to the coffee world which he had grown to miss. He started to work at a well-loved Milwaukee coffee shop where he received personal training from a former Barista Guild of America chairperson. Charlie fully immersed himself in coffee and the café culture. His constant strives for excellence persisted.

Charlie left Milwaukee with a heavy heart in the summer of 2010, but almost immediately found himself back in the warm embrace of the coffee scene of Minneapolis. He began roasting coffee about a year later and found interest in a side of coffee he had never experienced before.

Charlie came to Paradise early in 2012 as the new Roastmaster, and instantly began to exceed all expectations. Being involved in many aspects of Paradise Roasters, Charlie continues to expand his knowledge and abilities in order to provide customers with the highest quality products worthy of the Paradise name.

At home, Charlie’s quest for perfection carries over to his interests outside of coffee which include cycling, running, cooking, and home-brewing craft beers.