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Green Coffee

Roast your own coffee? Looking for the best greens? All of our coffees and blends are available to home coffee roasters in 2-pound bags of green (unroasted) coffee beans.

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  • CESMACH Co-op
    $16.95 Mexico CESMACH FTO Green Coffee (2 pounds)
    Tasting Notes: Fruity and floral fragrance lead to flavors of apricot, grape skin, and vanilla bean with hints of lemongrass.  Crisp acidity, and a round creamy body add balance and depth to the cup. Accolades for...
  • Nicaragua Santa Lucila Maracaturra Green Coffee (2 pounds)
    $17.95 Nicaragua Santa Lucila Maracaturra Green Coffee (2 pounds)
    Tasting Notes:     Background Info:    
  • Green Coffee In Burlap
    $14.95 Espresso Nuevo Green Coffee (2lbs)
    Boasts a sweet aroma of brown sugar and aromatic wood. Full-bodied and smooth with a mild, pleasing acidity. Complex notes of sweet spices, Maraschino cherries, lemon zest, and vanilla carry from cup to its lingering finish...
  • Photo care of Cafe Imports
    $14.95 Kenya Muiri- Organic Green Coffee
    Tasting Notes:  Herbal notes and orange blossom in the fragrance, with more expression of citrus notes when wet.  Sweet and savory flavors of honey, brown sugar, and sage harmonize with almond and a hint of melon...
  • Green Coffee in Burlap
    $15.95 Romance by Paradise Green Coffee (2lbs)
    Layered aroma: dried flowers, chocolate, and honey. This powerful but elegant mokka java blend displays a classic, sophisticated earthiness with notes of tart strawberry and raspberry. Accolades "Rich, round, deep...
  • Sumatra Ulos Batak Green Coffee (2 lbs)
    $16.95 Sumatra Ulos Batak Green Coffee (2 lbs)
    Tasting Notes Dry grounds exhibit licorice, cranberry, and vanilla; banana bread aroma.  Red berries and subtle grapefruit bitterness in flavor, with a nougaty aftertaste.  Acidity is lively with a soft,...
  • Ethiopia Suke Quto Organic - Green (2 lbs)
    $16.95 Ethiopia Suke Quto Organic - Green (2 lbs)
    Tasting Notes:  Florals such as orange blossom and coffee flower dominate the fragrance and are complemented by lime and spicy fruit.  Gold raisin and cranberry flavors with very subtle black pepper notes, and a...
  • Ethiopia Suke Quto Pulped Natural Lot - Green (2 lbs)
    $17.95 Ethiopia Suke Quto Pulped Natural Lot - Green (2 lbs)
    Tasting Notes:    Background Info:  The Suke Quto coffee farm was established in 2005 with the idea of producing environmentally friendly coffee under the diverse natural forest canopy.  In the years...
  • Coffee Review 92 Points
    $15.95 Iron Range Espresso Green Coffee (2lbs)
    Tasting Notes Balanced, intense and complex. Bold notes of freshly turned earth, sweet pipe tobacco, chocolate, orange zest, and maple syrup. Rich in body, zesty acidity and a sweet lingering finish...
  • Coffee Review 91 Points
    $14.95 Espresso Classico Green Coffee (2lbs)
    Pleasant, fruit-forward aroma with notes of berries and flowers. In the cup, crisp but smooth with intense flavors of lush citrus and apricot that settle to tart berry and chocolate in the finish. Accolades "Rich, deep,...
  • Coffee Review 91 Points
    $18.95 Ethiopia Awassa Green Coffee (2lbs)
    A lush coffee with a tropical effervescence. Vanilla-like floral notes dance with lemon and lime in the bouquet. The flavors become richer and juicier in the cup, deepening into mango, pineapple, and cream and then fading to...
  • The Americas
    $14.95 Guatemala Huehuetenango Fair Trade Organic Green Coffee (2lbs)
    Tasting Notes: Rich aroma of nutty yet sweet chocolate, the sweetness is enhanced in the wet aroma giving off hints of stone fruits and a deep spice. Ripe acidity, apple and apricot notes.Complex in flavor, yet chocolate...
  • SO Espresso Ethiopia Borboya Green
    $15.95 SO Espresso Ethiopia Borboya Green
    Tasting Notes:  Intensely floral dry grounds.  When prepared as espresso, pear, orange blossom, and hops aroma leads to a sweet and savory flavor with notes of blackberry, lemongrass, honey, and fig, with an...
  • Paradise Roasters Logo
    $14.95 Canoe & Cabin - Organic Blend Green Coffee (2 lbs)
    Tasting Notes:  Dark chocolate and warm spices prevalent throughout the aroma and flavor. Complex in it's flavor, cherry, dark chocolate and cedar with a hint of earthines and floral notes. Sweet and rich in the finish...
  • Paradise Logo
    $15.95 Decaf by Paradise Green Coffee (2lbs)
    A balanced, medium-bodied decaf that with mild notes of dark chocolate, roasted nut, brown sugar, and a tinge of baking spices. Background Info Decaf by Paradise was designed to be Decaf Espresso’s alter ego. They...
  • Paradise Logo
    $15.95 Decaf Espresso Green Coffee (2lbs)
    A medium-bodied espresso with notes of vanilla, butterscotch, tropical nut, and herb, perhaps sage. The lingering finish is heavy and slightly sweet. Accolades 93 points on CoffeeReview.com, August 2008 Background...
  • Paradise Roasters Logo
    $14.95 Red Pine - Organic Blend Green Coffee (2 lbs)
    Tasting Notes: Intensly sweet in aroma, with honey, roasted peanuts and a vegetal herbacious quality mingled with anise. In the flavor profile, nutty with a bit of a bite from notes of pepper and anise. Sweet apple rounded...
  • Paradise Roasters Logo
    $14.95 Whistling Loon - Organic Blend Green Coffee (2 lbs)
    Tasting Notes:  Cedar and ripe raspberry in the aroma. Complex and smokey with hints of lemon zest. Tart apple and cinnamon in the cup, with notes of bakers chocolate and earthy resonance. Extremely balanced and quite...

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