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  • Paradise Roasters Top Rated Sampler
    $40.95 Top Rated Sampler
    This trio of Paradise coffees all highly rated from Coffee Review. The Ethiopia Ardi Micro-lot coffee is and excellent example of natural processed Ethiopian coffee (92 points). Our Romance by Paradise is an elegant Mokka...
  • Adventure Coffee Sampler by Paradise Roasters
    $24.95 Adventure Sampler
    Take yourself on a flavor journey through three different coffee origins with the Adventure Sampler. We've selected three of our coffees that best represent their respective growing regions; Central America, Africa and...
  • Paradise Roasters Espresso Sampler
    $29.95 Espresso Sampler
    Paradise is known for producing some top notch espressos, both blends and single origins. With this Espresso Sampler, we've picked a combination of three espressos that highlight the versatility and quality of the popular...

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