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Brian Foster

Brian Foster Bio Picture

Brian Foster

Brian didn't like coffee. As a software developer, coffee was strictly a tool to keep him awake and working into the night. After taking a job as a barista and having cup of Mexico Altura Chiapas in a Yama siphon brewer, everything changed.

Brian is a nerd about coffee, and he can regularly be found geeking out about extraction rates, testing his brews, mapping varietals, ice-brewing and drinking high quality milk. He also has a daschund that is naughty.

Brian is a Level 1 Barista Guild Certified Barista, a SCAA Lead Instructor (…ladies), and our Barista Trainer. We’d tell you about his interests outside of the coffee industry, but frankly we’re just not sure he has any.

Brian writes the "Brewniversity" section of our blog, focusing on the science of coffee.